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Top Feminist Books Every Woman Should Read

Mar 29, 2017
Written By: Solivia Irom
Top Feminist Books Every Woman Should Read

Though March is officially celebrated as the only month of women in every corner of the world, I believe every single day should be special for women for who they are. Right from the different roles a single woman plays to the notable achievements of the inspiring ladies, it is important to fight for the ongoing inequalities many women still face.


Feminism does not mean women deserve special rights, it means all the men & women deserve equal ones. Whether you are an informed feminist who knows what you are all about or a confused one who’s not so sure, here’s a book for each one of you. 



Acknowledging the struggles women have encountered on the journey of life for equality, we have hand-picked some of the top feminist books every woman must read: 

The book is a 2011 non-fiction memoir by the renowned British writer Caitlin Moran that documents a series of provocative observations associated with women’s lives using funny scenes from her own experience. Along with her views on feminism, the author elaborates her journey of life right from the time of her adolescence to the later stages as a writer, wife as well as a mother. 


As you read the book, there will be several times when you will burst with laughter realizing the situations of life that are so true. Every woman must read this book since it gives an answer against all the ill attitudes towards feminism. Though it has nothing to do with the gender differences or women’s struggles, Moran uses her own life explaining the little niggles of womanhood including hair removal, fat issues, unfit clothes, high-class handbags to the big decisions like work, marriage, and parenting.


“How to be a Woman” is a book that serves as a complete entertainment value packed with a series of hilarious moments. 

The book is the thoughtful representation of the author’s growth with the personal insights that has shaped her. Gloria Steinem is not just a writer but also one of the most inspiring leaders in the world.


As the name of the book suggests, author focusses on her early years that led her to live a kind of life-on-the-road where she reveals how traveling & listening to people has made her learn and create amazing changes. Since Steinem had an itinerant childhood, she has spent most of her life on the road. Through her book, she explains how traveling has boosted her spirits & made her learn about the views on politics. She beautifully illustrates how she gained wisdom from cab drivers, fellow airplane passengers and story tips offered by strangers. 


Steinem describes her own growth as well as the growth of the ongoing movement for equality. This book by the feminist icon will surely give you an eye-opening experience.

Lean In is a 2013 book written by Sheryl Sandberg along with the co-writer, Nell Scovell with the subtitle: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. The book is listed on the top bestseller lists at the international level for empowering women. The book has been packed with the several dominated opinion pages featured on every major TV shows and on the Time magazine along with the debates about women and leadership.

The writer believes that even though men and women have the equal right work, many women does not feel confident enough while asking for a salary hike, promotion or equal pay. As per the statistics recorded, among the 197 heads of state, only twenty-two of them are women. Similarly, if we talk about parliaments globally, nearly 20% of seats are occupied by women. Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the book is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and one of the most powerful women in Business listed in Fortune Magazine.


In her book, she elaborates her own work experience in some of the best organizations and emphasizes on what women can do to help themselves grow. This book is a must read for every working woman to make them realize how small changes in their life can bring big difference on the universal scale.

The book is an autobiography about the American writer and poet, Maya Angelou about her early years. She illustrates a complete transformation from a racist victim with inferior complex into a self-possessed woman capable of responding to any preconception.


Among the series of seven autobiographies, “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is the one that has been appreciated the most. Through this book, Maya tells the world not just about the discrimination she faced as a black woman and poverty but also the positive side of the life like joy, hope & achievement. She evokes her childhood days spent with her grandmother in the American South where she learns the power of white folks and the dreadful trauma of rape by her own mother’s lover. With time, Maya realizes that the love for herself, kindness of others and her own spirit will make her free instead of being imprisoned.


The book gives a powerful message through her honest writing explaining the journey from the insecure little girl to a strong woman who trusts herself with the ability to move forward. It will surely touch the hearts of the readers who wish to learn more about life.

The book is 2015 memoir written by Carrie Brownstein who is a leader of feminist punk music containing the beautiful illustration of life in rock and roll.  The music icon narrates about her escape from an unstable family and her entry into the world of music, which was the way out for her self-invention and rescue.


From her role as a musician in the feminist band Sleater-Kinney to the star of the famous TV show-Portlandia, the book reveals the overall author’s life in music & how she became a megastar in the independent rock world. After facing several hurdles against the music industry’s sexist double standards, she was the only woman who was listed among the “25 Most Underrated Guitarists of All-Time” on Rolling Stone Readers’ list.


Music is the heart of Carrie’s book and she honestly captures her own experience of being a woman and a born performer who ultimately realizes the intoxicating strength of rock and roll through courage & hard work.


Well, I am sure you all must be excited to explore the books all by yourself. The main motive of feminism is to empower woman and it does not aim to make women stronger because they know they already are. These books will make you inspired and strong enough to remind yourself how special it is to be a woman. Always remember to play your part in making a better and gender equal world. Grab these heart-warming books of feminism to reward yourself & celebrate being a woman every day.

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